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The Young Ones

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Episode der 3. Es sollten so alle Attribute behandelt werden, da Sky entschieden hat. Am liebsten wre ich nie wieder von seiner Seite gewichen.

The Young Ones

It states that the CD is in stereo and it is except for the track I bought the CD for, the original single "The Young Ones". It is in mono, some kind of enhanced​. As their fates are revealed, we come to realize that there is little reason for us to envy the "young ones" and their future in the desolate land whose only. Young Ones. ()IMDb h 39 minR. In Theaters Now! In a post-​apocalyptic future when water has become the world's most precious resource, those.

Young Ones (Film)

Young Ones. ()IMDb h 39 minR. In Theaters Now! In a post-​apocalyptic future when water has become the world's most precious resource, those. The Young Ones: Cliff Richard-Fan Rick, Punker Vivian, Hippie Neil und der coole Mike sind 4 Jungs im „besten Alter“. Während man in UK mit Ende 20 bereits. Bild 1 von 4 zur Serie The Young Ones.

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The Young Ones Season 1 Episode 04 Bomb

The Young Ones The Young Ones Series 1 features the lunatic exploits of four students of Scumbag College. Vyv, the punk (Adrian Edmonson),"socially aware" and "politically conscious" Rick (Rik Mayall), Neil, the hippy (Nigel Planer),and Mike, the well-dressed smoothie (Christopher Ryan). The Young Ones (US title: Wonderful to Be Young!) is a British film musical, directed by Sidney J. Furie and starring Cliff Richard, Robert Morley as his character's father, Carole Gray as his love interest, and the Shadows as his band. The screenplay was written by Peter Myers and Ronald Cass, who also wrote most of the songs. If you love the artistic and non-mainstream risks taken by art-house films, then Young Ones belongs on your watch list with other indie Sci-Fis such as Lars von Trier's Melancholia, Juan Solanas' Upside Down, and Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem. The Young Ones takes place in a universe where absolutely ANTHING can and WILL happen. Rick is undeniably the best character tho. He and Vivian get into the stupidest fights and argue over the dumbest of things. The Young Ones aspires to have the elastic energy and surreality of a living cartoon and comes pretty close to the mark. Guest stars include Emma Thompson, Terry Jones of Monty Python, and Jennifer Saunders of Absolutely Fabulous.

What can you say about a scenario where Vyvvian a bloke learns that he's pregnant, except that it's utter genius?! Neil's whole demeanour seals it for me; he doesn't even have to say anything, and Nigel Planer's mournful expression will still crack me up, without fail.

It's the absolute opposite of those cosy, easygoing shows where everybody likes one another really. You can't really call it 'The Good Life' when you're living in what most would describe as 'a hole' As it happens, I don't really have any objection to such a nice '70's comedy, although listening to Vyvvian launch into a verbal tirade against it almost changed my mind, delivered as it was with such unchecked outrage.

You can always trust "The Young Ones" to offer some biting political comment, unless you're talking to Rick, that is All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search.

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Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. Rik desperately tries to impress his favourite lecturer, Mike pulls a literal fairytale princess, Vyvyan's fellow punks start a riot, and Neil inadvertently gets beaten up.

During heavy rains, London floods and the Young Ones are trapped in the house. When they embark on a game of hide-and-seek to pass the time, Mike finds a lion tamer in his bedroom and Vyvyan hides in a wardrobe and enters Narnia.

But the sharks at the window and the arson attack on Rik's bedroom pale into insignificance when their landlord Jerzei Balowski turns into a homicidal, axe-wielding maniac.

Get iTunes on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows Learn More. EPISODE 1 Demolition Introducing Mike - the cool smooth one; Neil - the boring hippy with the death wish and the lentil fetish; Rik - the self-styled revolutionary, people's poet and Cliff Richard fan; and Vyvyan-the violent, orange spiky-haired punk and his hamster SPG.

EPISODE 2 Oil The Young Ones move into their new house. EPISODE 3 Boring Despite a terrorist siege in their house, a visitation from a dwarf from Hell, skating vegetables in the sink and card-playing mice, the Young Ones are so bored that Neil is driven to dig himself a grave and Vyv chops his finger off.

EPISODE 4 Bomb An atomic bomb falls through the roof and blocks the fridge. The first of this series, The Comic Strip Presents After this, the BBC made a deal with Edmondson, Mayall, Richardson, Planer and Sayle to star in another sitcom in the same style.

Paul Jackson was put in as a producer. The series was written by Mayall with his girlfriend Lise Mayer , and with Ben Elton who went to Manchester University with Mayall and Edmondson.

Richardson was first going to play Mike, but clashed with Jackson. He was replaced by Christopher Ryan, the only member of the group who was not a stand-up comedian.

The series was centered around the unclean house where the students lived during their time at Scumbag College. When it was first on television, the show got attention for violent slapstick.

Though new to mainstream audiences, Mayall and Edmondson had been using it in 20th Century Coyote for some time.

The show also had some very strange parts, such as puppets playing talking animals or objects. Confusion was added with pieces in the middle that were not part of the main plot.

They were included to make fun of the British and American public's fear of subliminal messages in television and music. The images included the words Carry On Cowboy the name of a film , a rusty dripping tap, a leaping frog, a dove in flight, a skier, and a hand making pottery.

The episodes ran 35 minutes, and many episodes were cut when repeated on the BBC or satellite channels. In the United States, The Young Ones ran on PBS , MTV and, in , on Comedy Central.

The series' theme song featured the cast singing Cliff Richard and The Shadows UK 1 song " The Young Ones ". Throughout the series there were many references to Richard, as Mayall's character was a fan.

The theme song over the end credits was written by Peter Brewis , who also created incidental music on many episodes. In , after the second season, Planer in character as Neil reached No.

It went with Neil's Heavy Concept Album , a loose collection of songs and spoken comedy with appearances by Young Ones actors Dawn French and Stephen Fry.

In , the cast sang " Living Doll " with Cliff Richard and Hank Marvin for Comic Relief. The song, a reworking of his hit, reached the top of the UK Charts.

Most episodes had a musical guest performing in the house or street. By including the groups, the show could be called variety rather than light entertainment by the BBC and was given a bigger budget than a sitcom.

This also helped get several British bands to be more popular with American viewers, such as Dexys Midnight Runners , Motörhead , and Madness.

This last group was in two episodes. Some of these performances were cut from the DVD for copyright reasons. Some musical acts were also cut out for similar reasons on some satellite reruns.

Played by Nigel Planer , Neil Pye, the hippy , is a clinically depressed , suicidal pacifist , vegetarian and environmentalist working towards a Peace Studies degree.

He is victimised by other housemates especially Rick and Vyvyan and forced to do the housework, including shopping, cleaning and cooking. He is never acknowledged for it unless it goes wrong.

Neil is pessimistic and believes everyone and everything hates him, which is mostly true, though he does have some friends, two hippys, one also named Neil and one named Warlock.

He does not like technology except for videos, and he speaks out for Vegetable Rights and Peace. It was produced by David Mirkin.

Robert Llewellyn wrote in his book The Man in the Rubber Mask :. The Young Ones was taken over the Atlantic in the mid eighties, and Nigel [Planer] was the only member of the British cast to go.

He had experienced a fairly hideous time, worried sick that he was going to have to stay there for six years with a group of people he hated who managed to make The Young Ones into a sort of grubby Benny Hill Show.

He was hugely relieved when the pilot was a flop and he was released from his contract. In the episode " Bambi ", the housemates appeared on University Challenge , where they played against Footlights College, Oxbridge , a reference to the Footlights drama club at Cambridge University.

The Footlights College team was played by show writer Ben Elton and three actors who were once members of the real Cambridge Footlights: Emma Thompson , Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry , the last of whom had actually appeared on the quiz show while at Cambridge.

The episode title is a reference to the show's presenter, Bamber Gascoigne , impersonated by Griff Rhys Jones.

In the episode " Sick ", the quartet enter a scenario parodying The Good Life , after Neil's mother says the sitcom should be more like The Good Life and Vyvyan has an outburst against it, saying, "It's so bloody nice!

Felicity 'Treacle' Kendal and Richard 'Sugar-Flavoured Snot' Briers! They're nothing but a couple of reactionary stereotypes, confirming the myth that everyone in Britain is a lovable middle-class eccentric.

And I hate them! Christopher Ryan also made appearances as the character "Dave Hedgehog". Most of the regular cast and several of the guests also appeared in Channel 4 and BBC Two 's The Comic Strip Presents comedy shows.

All four main actors went on to gain reputations as both dramatic and comic actors. In , ITV puppet series Spitting Image made reference to The Young Ones when four members of the Margaret Thatcher cabinet reminisced about their younger days, with all four playing one Young Ones character each: Cecil Parkinson as Mike, Douglas Hurd as Vyvyan, Michael Heseltine as Rick and Geoffrey Howe as Neil.

The series achieved a larger audience through s repeat screenings than it did on first run. However, repeats of the programme in the s, when the series was considerably older and less topical, fared less well.

As Bambi was also screened during a BBC1 Comic Relief evening not included below , it was the most-repeated episode, with six separate repeat screenings from to The repeat details of the series up to were as follows:.

Both series of The Young Ones have both been released on DVD individually and in a special edition boxset in both regions 2 and 4. The entire series is also available for download on iTunes ,.

The original VHS releases were in a set of 4, each tape containing 3 episodes. The Series 1 and 2 DVDs are rated 15 and three of the VHS releases were rated PG.

There were also complete series 1 and complete series 2 VHS releases. The Young Ones is a video game based on the British comedy television series of the same name.

The game takes place in the students' home. The player can choose to play as either Mike, Neil, Vyvyan or Rick to explore the house and enter different rooms.

The other characters become computer-controlled players. All characters can move around the house, pick up and drop objects, as well as break and fix things.

The characters often talk, giving the player clues as to what the character is intended to do. The aim of the game is to try and move out of the house with all the character's belongings in the shortest time possible.

This is not so easy, because these possessions are typically not in their preferred condition, or are hidden around the house, and players need various tools to get to them.

The other characters will move around the house, behaving in-character, occasionally moving around or further damaging the possessions—making the task harder.

The game was published by Orpheus Software, based in Hatley St George in Bedfordshire. The Young Ones characters were licensed from the owners of the BBC TV series, Rik Mayall, Ben Elton and Lise Mayer.

Due to difficulty in licensing the original series music from the BBC, an alternative music sound track was commissioned to sound similar to the original theme.

Over 10, copies of the game were sold, mainly through Boots stores, Woolworths, and independent computer stores. Due to obscure bugs in the software, it was impossible to solve the game, although few users realised this at the time.

Orpheus ceased trading before the problems could be remedied. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British sitcom. Main article: The Young Ones video game.

Archived from the original on 2 January Retrieved 23 September Out Go the Lights ". BFI Screenonline.

Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 21 October Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 23 February Paul [Jackson] paid tribute [ The Conversation.

The Young Ones (Cliff Richard) Guitar Tab.

Die Handlung spielt im Berliner The Young Ones Plnterwald. - Alle 4 Bilder zu The Young Ones

Kategorien : Fernsehserie Vereinigtes Königreich Fernsehserie der er Jahre Sitcom Fernsehserie BBC. Retrieved 21 October Photo Gallery. Main page Contents Current events Random Games With Gold December 2021 About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. Mark also played a speaking role as Neil's friend also called 'Neil' during series one episode "Interesting". Vyvyan, Rick, Mike, and Neil pay their rent to their Russian landlord Jerzy Balowski Alexei Sayle and his various family members.
The Young Ones Michael AuretTristan LynchJake Paltrow. Künstler bearbeiten. Enthaltene Veröffentlichungen:. The Young Ones ist eine britische Sitcom des Senders BBC Two und lief und Am 8. März wurde zugunsten der Wohltätigkeitsorganisation Comic Relief die Single Living Doll von und mit Cliff Richard veröffentlicht. Diese erreichte Platz. The Young Ones ist eine britische Sitcom des Senders BBC Two und lief und Am 8. März wurde zugunsten der Wohltätigkeitsorganisation. Young Ones ist ein Action-Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr unter Regie von Jake Paltrow, der auch das Drehbuch schrieb. In den Hauptrollen sind. The Young Ones: Cliff Richard-Fan Rick, Punker Vivian, Hippie Neil und der coole Mike sind 4 Jungs im „besten Alter“. Während man in UK mit Ende 20 bereits. He insults and often physically assaults Neil. Most of the regular cast and several of the guests also appeared in Channel 4 and BBC Two 's The Comic Strip Presents comedy shows. The show was voted number 31 in the BBC's Best Sitcom poll in Alexei Sayle was not involved, but had already achieved chart Die Spektakulärsten Kriminalfälle Kabel Eins in with "'Ullo John, Gotta New Motor? Gasping Silly Cow Kinogeschichte Blast from the Past The Beautiful Game We Will Rock You Tonight's the Night Love Never Dies Corona Die Wahrheit Upstart Crow The one episode that featured no musical act still fulfilled the variety criteria by including a lion tamer whose presence also directly contributed to the plot. Channel 4 agreed to the deal and aired the programme on the channel's opening night on 2 November Sign In. Categories : The Young Ones TV series British television series debuts British television series endings s British satirical television series BBC television sitcoms British college television series British television sketch shows English-language television shows British musical television series Punk The Young Ones series Surreal comedy television series Self-reflexive television British television shows featuring puppetry Musical comedy television shows. In the second series, his parents - who appear in the episode " Sick " - are revealed to be upper middle class. The game was published Batman Darsteller Chronologisch Orpheus Software, based in Hatley St George in Bedfordshire. Metacritic Reviews. Das Zeugenhaus 2 Oil Prodigy Film Young Ones move into their new house.


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